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With A Calm Mind

Today, May 2023, I am looking back at this post and the time when I created this Artwork. It carries a different name and poem these days, but still holds the depth of its prayer.

With a Calm Mind

Undisturbed Calmness Of Mind

Is Attained By Cultivating

Friendliness Toward The Happy

Compassion For the Unhappy

Delight In The Virtuous

And Indifference Toward The Wicked



While the Pandemic was just starting and we all had to stay home - a wonderful Artist and Art Teacher - Amanda Sage - jumped on her vision train and produced the first online workshop gathering. She called the theme " Transformation " Several hundreds of artists gathered online for several weeks to join the transformation and express it through their artwork. It is an ancient technique that Amanda teaches , called 'Mischtechnique', that she learned through an old Austrian master , Ernst Fuchs. It is a technique that combines layers and layers of glazes until the work is fulfilled....

It was one of the most amazing momentum. Weeks of learning and improving my technique within an unbelievable talented, supportive and creative community.

The depth of the experience to birth this artwork and its prayer is profound and unique.

Today, as we are dealing with the impact of the last 3 years, I find the title and the message of the artwork very appropriate and I hope the quote will become a powerful mantra for our path forward....


Please enjoy the video below to see the time-laps of the artwork

With Love in Awareness

A Prayer for the world - our mother earth - and us - its people


Music:"Morning Prayer"

by Tassilo Männer

Album: sunman - Tassilo Männer Label: Recordjet (Edel) UPC: 4050215110182


It is summer in the year 2020 - and the world is holding its breath - we are experiencing what was obvious to come over us sooner or later - a Pandemic that has shut down all life and business as we know it ....

The beginning of 2020 felt so dynamically positive and my life as an Artist and Health Coach has opened up new doors of possibilities. All looked pretty good and promising - until mid March ............. when we all woke up to holding our breath ....... WTF has just happened ........ and we sure had no clue what was coming at us .....


As a Health Coach I know that the bigger picture of healing needs to come from within and as an Artist I am blessed to be able to bring forth a prayer from within.

This summer during our lock down I have been able to combine both and given birth to

' With Love in Awareness'

My muse came via an online workshop held by one of the visionary artists that I truly

admire - an inspirational teacher who is a movement of her own Amanda Sage

I am very blessed to have been attending the challenge to participate in 'Transformation' and to bring forth this prayer within a journey of nearly 3 month.


With Love in Awareness

When love hits the mind - it asks - 'why aren't you kind ?'

You are loving awareness - please - don't mind

Let me heal your heart - so you don’t feel apart

Know - that with love in awareness - transformation can happen

Cutting through the veil of illusions

Illuminating the walls of false beliefs - bringing forth the truth

Cutting through the selfishness - of an inflated ego booth

Breaking through the resistance - love - will be of assistance

Listen to your heart - take on your part

You are loving awareness - please - free your heart

Live through compassion - let this be your duty

Bring your loving heart - to this paradise of beauty

Let love heal the destruction of the past

So we can become one - at last

With loving awareness

Marion I. Maenner


It will take many more momentum's of reconciling this time - of realizing the impact on everything - a huge impact on a cross road of decision making - destructive in many ways - but also awakening .... - hopefully - .....

One day - It will be our children and grand children who will look back at this crucial time.... But it is our moves that will determine what they will be looking back at ..... - than - in the future ........ What will it be that we decide as 'grown up' individuals ..... in these days of division and unrest ..... ?

We as a collective need to change - we need to heal and rejuvenate our mother earth - we need to change our habits and we need to come together in all our colors, shapes and sizes .... I know it will happen because there is no way around !!! The world has become a melting pot . We are growing into a time of unity -- we are the www - the world wide web ..... The knowledge for a sustainable future is there - the knowledge , the minds and the hands on people are there - and .... the awareness is there too .... Change is just not comfortable and scary to many ......

Let's not be scared !!! Let's act with Love in Awareness .......

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