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What is a Mandala?

As human beings we explore meaning and sense and we try to intellectually put our experience into words - to define our discovery...

There is a lot of literature out there that defines the meaning of a Mandala - and it’s well worth reading !...

For myself and my sharing the Mandala with you, I have come to the point - to not complicate the simplest of things - but to break it down to the basic where we can embrace its simplicity and find our own truth...

As the circle of life

it symbolizes the different periods of our journey,

picturing the interconnectedness between all things.

An inspiration and reminder toward living our life with more mindfulness in our decisions.

The Mandala has appeared  in the arts and the philosophies of every culture as an essential

symbol of integration, harmony, and transformation.

A magnet to positive energy,


the Mandala creates a sense of harmony in its environment.


It invites us to reconnect with our inner source of energy


where we can rejuvenate and find peace and tranquility in our thoughts.

For Creative Relaxation
Mandalas are fascinating playful creative meditative tools
where you can let go and find distance from your daily hustle bustle
Upcoming Mandala Workshops

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