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To live is to express,
and to express
you have to create.

Creation is never merely repetition.
To live is to express oneself

freely in creation.

Bruce Lee

We live in a time where - even we relax - we can't relax. It is of most importance for our well-being to find a momentum where we can get back to our breath and rejuvenate our creative being without worries.

Blossoming shall inspire you to be playful and intuitive , to look at the bright side, to let go of heaviness and just dive into creating, developing the different layers on which your Mandala is built on .

Stepping into our circle within a group of creative beings can lift us to a place of lightness and joy , sharing our individuality, energy and visions. Lifting and Inspiring each others in our creative process ....

The goal is that you'll leave with a beautiful piece of art and a sense of inner reflection that will stay with you long after the workshop has ended.

This Mandala Journey is hosted


Tonia Lach,

A Wonderful Body and Energy Worker


She opens her private retreat sanctuary for this wonderful circle

5786 La Sierra Drive Santa Rosa, CA 95409


Our intention will be

To awaken that what has rested over the winter

and draw new visions for the coming season

Winter is retreating

and life is preparing for this new season.

The sun shines warm and welcomes a feeling for the new to come.

As the seed prepares to break through the soil into the light,

its roots grow down , anchoring into the dark earth,

to draw from it

the energy and nourishment,

needed to blossoming one day.

It is within the roots anchored into our mother earth,

that we can stay grounded and nourished.

In this journey we like to invite you

to dive into your personal earth.

We like to explore what has been composted over the winter

and we like to find and manifest  a grounded-ness

that will support our efforts and visions

while we navigate our own path into this coming season.

You will be invited to create  from within

and bring forth a beautiful blossom that reflects your essence.

You will be working with a easy to do technique in acrylics,

layering design and colors gently and playfully

into your unique mandala

You will be invited to unblock your body's energy

through gentle QiGong stretches and flowing movements.

Easy and effortless to do but powerful

in releasing deeper tensions and stressors.

They can turn stress into energy.

We invite You

Join in for this enriching Mandala Journey


Find inspiration through the process of creating your own Mandala

and reveal the blossoming sacred geometry of your heart


Nurture yourself and find inner joy and reflection

through the energy that flows throughout your creative process.


Take home your beautiful Mandala and the momentum of joy creating it

NO Artistic Skills Required

Just bring your beautiful self and join the circle !

The Body Journey
Santa Rosa Home Retreat

5786 La Sierra Drive Santa Rosa, CA 95409

March 30, 2024
11:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Creating a Mandala is a playful journey

in which the Mandala becomes the dance floor for your creativity and a place of inspiration, joy and insight.
Every Mandala we create is a unique dance, expressing the momentum of our life through form and color.

It is a meditative process, a process of surrendering to your creative being, revealing the beauty that lies within you

through combining and blending of shape, pattern, form and color

You will be working on a 10"x 10" Canvas

All Art Supplies Are Included

(Canvas, Paint, Brushes & Extras)

Just bring Your Beautiful Self

Please wear comfortable clothing as we will do some meditative movements !!!



monthly rates via PayPal at check out

Marion Maenner Spirals and Sparkles

In my workshops we like to

Celebrate Self-love and Self-care

through the Art of Mandala Creation.

My vision is to provide a platform

for individuals

to express their creativity

and find inner peace

within the creative process.
Whether you are a beginner

or an experienced artist,

there is  something for everyone.

Join in on a journey of self-discovery

and unlock your creative potential.

Let your imagination flow and bring forth Your inner blossom through creating

a beautiful mandala that reflect

your unique personality and style.

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