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Your Mandala Journey

My Mandala creating workshops are a wonderful way to find joyful reflection and inspiration through the process of revealing the blossoming sacred geometry of your heart and soul.

I invite You to experience the meditative qualities of creating your own Mandala.

It is my intention to provide a peaceful and safe environment for you, where you can nurture and unfold your creativity and let your imagination take over.


The goal is that you'll leave with a beautiful piece of art and a sense of inner reflection that will stay with you long after the workshop has ended.


What will You do ?

Mandalas are not only beautiful, but they are also powerful tools for self-reflection.

They hold the ability to catch the dynamic influences of your momentum and through combining and blending shape, pattern, form and color, you can create a truly unique piece of art that reveals your innermost blossoming self.

I invite you to playfully explore your creative side and discover the joy of creating your own Mandala.

No previous skills are required !


Construction of the Mandala

It is the different shapes and patterns built into symmetric connections that make each Mandala unique.

Each Mandala is a reflection of the individual who created it, showcasing your personal sacred geometry through the different shapes and patterns that make it unique.

From choosing the color combinations to revealing your unique patterns, my workshops can be a transformative experience.

I provide all the materials you need and guide you throughout the creative process.


Stepping into Your circle

With a loving hug the Mandala invites you into its empty space - giving you the opportunity to bring forth the sacred geometry of your heart and  soul.

Open yourself into this safe container and let your creativity take you to places where you can let go and find distance from your daily hustle bustle.


Experience the freedom to dive into a deeper layer of yourself where clarity and peace are home.

You will be working with Acrylic Paint on Canvas

Acrylics are wonderful in their diversity  and they dry relatively fast. This is perfect for the layering technique that I am teaching you. The process is  playful and allows for a very unique result.
As they will be diluted and used as glazes - they will built the vibration and dynamics of your Mandala.

This technique is wonderful for beginners as well as for more experience artist as it will teach you the magic of the interference of colors.  I will guide you  throughout the process with the hope that you will be inspired to create more....



 Inspirations on your Journey

I am passionate about helping others connect with their inner selves through creative meditation.


My workshops embrace the power of art to support healing, self-expression and personal growth. They are designed to guide participants through a process of self-discovery and realization.


Each session includes inspirational quotes and wisdom cards as well as QiGong movements to inspire creative thought and exploration and to let go of tension and stressors.

Meditation and QiGong

As a student and practitioner of QiGong I have come to feel the many benefits of its meditative flow movements and gentle stretches - leading to an energized body and a calm and open mind.

I love to include a few very easy and flowy movements into each session. Helping us to release underlying tensions while our paint finds a moment to dry.

Of course there will be moments of breathing and meditative reflection as well

Meditation Hand Gesture
Heart Shaped Waffles

"Yes" we will have treats

There is no journey without some treats...

Tea, Coffee and something to nibble on

is always involved !

Want to make it sublime - no problem :)

Just let me know your vision !

Take Notes

There is no journey without some notes....


Short or long


Writing things down can help us to reflect, manifest new visions, resolve questions and find insight towards our deeper longings.


With our thoughts being manifested in writing - we have given them a 'body' and can reflect on them, let them go or use them as manifestation for our path forward.

They always can be kept as a memory and a reminder ....

Travel Diary

Huge thank you to Marion for the amazing experience of creating my own mandala! The Blossoming workshop was therapeutic, transforming a blank canvas into a beautiful work of art. Marion was such a patient coach with her holistic approach and artistry guiding us through the process with added grounding, calmness and inspiration to the journey. The mandala making was fun and each of us had a wonderfully different interpretation on the canvas. I highly recommend the workshop and plan to repeat the experience!


Lynn G.

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