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Why Creating Mandalas ?

I have always been interested to understand about peoples life and their stories. Life’s lessons and the individuals journeys inspire me to look into a deeper layer beyond the surface of our outward world. They open a window to a wider and deeper understanding about us humans and our individual interactions and challenges. Everyone's life journey is so unique and in constant change while we grow.

Mandalas can reflect this journey in a creative way. The process from that tiny little spot in the center to the expansion into a beautiful blossom can help us understand our journey of the momentum, its connections and interactions.

The Mandala becomes a Self-Integrative Ritual

A vehicle for concentrating the mind - so that it may pass behind its usual fetter, providing the ability to become aware of the patterns and stories that silently run our lives, while bringing forth your sacred geometry of the momentum.


I have come to understand early that in order to find balance and healing, we need to be our own healer through self-love and self-care. This can only happen if we take time to get to know our-self. Our joy, our sorrow, our triggers, our unfulfilled longings and the stories that our mind tells us. Finding our truth within. The creative process of Mandala Meditations can help us to listen and start the journey to understanding .

We live in a time where - even we relax - we can't relax. It is of most importance for our well-being to find a momentum where we can get back to our breath and rejuvenate our creative being without worries. We need to relearn how it feels not to worry - but just be and enjoy the momentum and our being. Your Mandala Journey will get you there ... The joy of creativity transports you into moments of timeless playfulness.

Science today comes to the conclusion that 95% of our chronic dis-eases have stress as the root cause. When we understand the energetic dynamic of our life's pace - we can understand digestive, immune and heart issues in our time.

Studies of placebos show us how powerful and effective our mind is once we believe something. Mandala Meditation Journeys can make space for Self-awareness toward Self-care and Self-observation. This will help us to manage the obnoxious roommate in our mind and enable us to make positive changes. Changing our inner dialogue will have a major impact on our stress level and our life.

Art Therapy is the new green juice when it comes to stress release and changing perspective.

So let's create some Mandalas !!!

Huge thank you to Marion for the amazing experience of creating my own mandala! The Blossoming workshop was therapeutic, transforming a blank canvas into a beautiful work of art. Marion was such a patient coach with her holistic approach and artistry guiding us through the process with added grounding, calmness and inspiration to the journey. The mandala making was fun and each of us had a wonderfully different interpretation on the canvas. I highly recommend the workshop and plan to repeat the experience!


Lynn G.

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