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Rebirth & Self Love

Under the influence of Green & Pink


Rebirth - 40"X 40" on canvas

Green nourishes us and it invites compassion - generosity - harmony - and balance. It opens our heart - it energizes  - it leaves us no other chance but to engage into its fresh and juicy and rejuvenating energy.

Bringing in the aspect of Pink as the healer of our heart encouraging us to allow self-love and compassion for our imperfections makes it a perfect couple.

The combination of Pink and Green are not just the life giving energy and the nurturing juice, giving love. It is the awakening of the liveliness of nature - the cosmic energy that we can witness every spring - over and over - again and again....

Pink and Green are not just the birth-giving and nurturing love we share - but very importantly the love we owe to ourselves. Aren’t we all a little guilty of neglecting ourselves ?

NO - you don't have to feel guilty if you love yourself - if you take care of your needs - if you say no to what you don't want - if you stand in your own truth and if you say YES to the massage you crave already for so long. You don't have to feel guilty if you make space to sit and read a book, make time to meditate or do some yoga or qi gong, make some art, or just doodle to some nice music, create a shrine with your favorite objects, have a cup of tea and just day-dream for a while .... Take your pic !

Self love is not selfish - it is the necessary retreat to nurture ourselves - to recharge our battery and to create awareness of deserving....

How else would we be able to give and share our love without getting depleted ?

Especially at those challenging times that we face right now it is of most importance that we take care of ourselves !  

As we all learn - stress has a devastating influence on our immune-system. Scientists know now that most of our modern dis-eases have stress as the root cause. No surprise - look at us how stressed out we are with the modern life we created for us .....

But good news ! The antidote for stress is SELF-LOVE. So start strengthening your immune-system ....

So really ! Take a moment - and step back and ask yourself

“What do I need” - “What fills me with joy?” - “Where can I love and nurture myself more?” - “What rejuvenates me and recharges my battery ?”

Some Green Facts

GREEN governs the HEART Chakra. - BALANCE, LOVE, SELF CONTROL is its trait Positive aspects are - compassion - generosity - harmony/balance - loving

The Green Heart Chakra relates to love/self love - the ability to give and take unconditionally. When balanced we are able to give love and also to love and nurture ourselves. It helps to relax muscles, nerves, and thoughts. Cleanses and balances our energy, to give a feeling of renewal, peace and harmony. Green connects us to unconditional love and is used for balancing our whole being.

No matter where you are at this challenging momentum - we are in this together - globally - and this in itself is a stunning momentum that will bring forth a new era - a new beginning - a time of rethinking, healing and hopefully creating a more sustainable future that will understand that we are in this world together and that everything is connected .....

I hope you are all well !!!

Enjoy Your Spring - Take it in - It comes in Green and Pink :)

Stay safe and healthy !

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With Love


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