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The Hero's Journey & Finding Bliss

It is spring here in San Francisco and the Bay Area and my latest exhibitions have been blessed with warmer weather and sunny blue skies - but above all it is good to be back !

It is now more than 15 years that I set up my exhibitions in the Public Parks of San Francisco - and I still feel blessed for this opportunity. It is special to talk and connect with people from all walks of life who are touched and inspired by my works.

Looking back at my journey that led me to become the artist that I am today still amazes me.

It was my stubbornness and defiance to follow my inner calling against the restrictions and expectations in my upbringing. But most of all - I understand today - it was bliss that got me on that journey in the first place.

That craving to unveil the creative juices and bring forth the colors and patterns and designs that call from within. A place of timelessness and freedom, a place of letting go from the dance of life, a place to be in the present momentum ....This is the fountain of my bliss and my studio is my sanctuary ......

Would have anyone told me 22 Years ago when I arrived in California with my husband and 2 small children where I would be today - I would have not believed it ....

But even now I find my moments of true amazement about my path and the story I am living....

If you follow your bliss

the universe will open doors

where there were only walls

Joseph Campbell

This movie is about Joseph Campbell who's wisdom I find truly inspiring.

Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the wisdom of the Heroes Journey - the path to finding Bliss....

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