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*The Light Within*

Mandala Workshop

Creating Your Own Mandala

A Spa for your Heart & Soul


Reported Side Effects:


Relaxation, Clarity, Peaceful Mind, Joyfulness, New Visions & Feeling Lighter

Join me for a creative afternoon
Studio 55 in Martinez

Post-phoned due to health issues

There are several 2024 workshops planned at the Studio 55
Please sign up on my mailing list for updates !

Take home your beautiful Mandala and the momentum of joy creating it

“Your heart is where your inner light resides.

It is part of every sacred journey to reconnect with your inner light,

step into your divinity, spread the light of love before you, return to the essence of love,

and inspire others to do the same.”

Molly Friedenfeld

What would you say if you could have an afternoon

to reflect and nourish your heart and soul 

I invite You 

to create your own personal Mandala ,

connect with your creative being,

and reveal your energetic beauty.

Let's reflect

on our personal harvest,

our achievements and our light that keeps us going.

Let's embrace our strength and our successes 



Marion Maenner's Mandala crating workshops are a wonderful way to find joy and inspiration through the process of revealing the blossoming sacred geometry of your heart and soul.

Experience the meditative qualities of creating your own Mandala.

We are creating a peaceful and creative environment , to nurture and unfold your inner artist and let our imagination take over.

The goal is that you'll leave with a beautiful piece of art and a sense of inner reflection that will stay with you long after the workshop has ended.

This workshop does NOT require any artistic skills or knowledge of medium

Don't worry about a thing

and enjoy the process of creating your own Mandala

All Materials such as Canvas, Acrylic Paints and Paint Brushes are provided.


Tea and light snacks will be offered

Just bring Your Beautiful Self

You will be working with Acrylic Colors and Mediums

*** please dress accordingly ***

A 10"x10" canvas will be the dance floor for your creation



plus $35 for Art Supply

( 4 participants minimum, 8 max. )

Marion in her studio for Mandala Workshops

Join in for this upcoming enriching Mandala Meditation Journey


Find inspiration through the process of creating your own Mandala

and reveal the blossoming sacred geometry of your heart


Nurture yourself and find inner joy and reflection

through the energy that flows throughout your creative process.


Take home your beautiful Mandala and the momentum of joy creating it

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