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About Marion


Marion I. Maenner

is a mixed media artist who likes to create works that enriches peoples life with positive energy that transports its viewers to a place of joy and serenity.

Marion believes in the power of beauty. “ Beauty comforts , it nurtures, refreshes and heals. Beauty shapes the landscape of our heart. “

In her colorful work she likes to combine art and philosophy to induce happiness to counteract the stress that our modern lifestyle brings with it.

“I wish to put little seeds into this world, seeds that grow into peaceful thoughts that will be carried on like prayers in the wind.”

Those who love Marion’s work say that her art ‘ … brings harmony…. it brings you back to the present moment ….it charges you with positive energy….’

Her sense for color and the energy of her work draws you in at first, but than as you get closer you start to discover a universe of beautiful details.

Her work is a labor of love that playfully brings together her painting skills with handcrafted flowers and beads , collected shells and thrift wood, as well as vintage jewelry, paper and complimentary bits and pieces into the simple form of Mandalas, The Tree of Life, The Divine Feminine and other Meditative Inspirations.
Every Art Piece is accompanied by an inspirational quote that relates to the dynamic of color and flow.

Creating her work is her meditation, her time to reflect and process .

“ Every time I start to work .. it is the beginning of a new journey. Intuitive work from a place of timelessness and freedom, always going through the dynamic influences of the present moment, balancing through creating.”

Marion’s Bio

It must be my creative nature and the urge to explore and experience new aspects of life, leading me on a journey from being born in Germany to living in the San Francisco Bay Area today.
I have walked in many different shoes from fashion design to traveling to becoming a certified naturopath to creating my art, to becoming a mother. Life is my inspiration and my teacher. The urge to understand its lessons has led me to explore different philosophies and the teachings of our ancestors.
I adore the abundance and beauty that surrounds us. Beauty gives us joy and it lights up our existence - it fills us with passion and brings us back to our center when we get lost in life.
Creating my Artwork is my meditation, my time to reflect and process.

I am a self-taught artist. I always created, however, Spirals and Sparkles - ‘Candies for the Eyes’ - was born in 2003 when I settled with my husband and 2 small children in the East Bay of San Francisco. It was the urge of creating and the dream to manifest myself , following my true calling in the country of unlimited possibilities.

Today I am part of a Non Profit Organization of Independent Artists, called ‘Red Umbrellas’, where I am part of the management. We are blessed to be showcasing our work throughout San Francisco's Parks such as Union Square, Golden Gate Park, Washington Square etc. ( providing Fine Artist with the opportunity to build a successful independent carrier.

Joining this group has enabled me to thrive as an artist with the main focus on one of a kind Original Art. My body of work is appreciated by art lovers from all over the world for its unique style and its positive energy.

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