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Marion I. Maenner

Every time I start to work..
it is the beginning of a new journey. Intuitive work from a place of timelessness and freedom, always going through the dynamic influences of the present moment, balancing through creating.
“ I am devoting many hours of my life to create through diversity an art of unity.
I wish to put little seeds into this world, seeds that grow into peaceful thoughts that will be carried on like prayers in the wind.”
Marion Ilona Maenner
My Story


It must be my creative nature and the urge to explore and experience new aspects of life, leading me on a journey from being born in Germany to living in the San Francisco Bay Area today.

I have walked in many different shoes from fashion design to traveling to becoming a certified naturopath to creating my art, to becoming a mother.


Life is my inspiration and my teacher. The urge to understand its lessons has led me to explore different philosophies and the teachings of our ancestors.

I adore the abundance and beauty that surrounds us.

Beauty gives us joy and it lights up our existence - it fills us with passion and brings us back to our center when we get lost in life.

Creating my Artwork is my meditation, my time to reflect and process. Every piece inherits and reflects the insight and the wisdom of the creative momentum.

My work is a treasure chest, a carnival of materials enriched with color and meaning, transferred on to a canvas. You will find vintage pieces, polymer clay, beads, wood, pebbles, shells, paper, fabrics and more.

The mosaic inspired mixed media work is based on the versatility of acrylics. I love the bright boldness of acrylic colors and acrylic mediums allow me to alter, seal and preserve fragile ingredients, as well as making it possible to work shells, pebbles and wood onto a canvas.

Every one of my pieces is a one of a kind creation - created with passion and love for details, and enriched with meaning by an inspirational quote or poem that accompanies every piece .


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